Duration 12 min, silent

Augsburg, 2012
Sculpture Center, New York, USA, 2003
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China, 2006

Skyscrapers made of paper were attached on top of the shell of 22 Burgundy snails and arranged as a skyline with a familiar appearance.

From that point on, the animals determined the course of events. They naturally were not interested in keeping the buildings in an upright position and created new constellations according to their own social structures. They crawled on top of each other or underneath or were just asleep. The ensemble gradually disintegrated in slow motion and the animals left the experimental arrangement behind.

The real time event lasted 3:46 h.

Skyline originated from a series of art works where human organizational structures were left to different kinds of animals to see how they would deal with it and to learn from them.