Expect The Unexpected

Installation and Performance
Municipal Art Collection, Augsburg, Germany

A laboratory open for public use. It comprises a collections of forms which have all arisen without human intervention, form which have developed through nature. I discovered and collected them in the environment during five years. At first glance they seem to be coincidental, but on closer examination they are all arranged according to the fractal principle. Cloud formations, the hide markings on cows, fallen raindrops, thawing snow, the shapes of lakes and islands, shapes made by snails while eating their way through leaves, foam shapes on the waves of the oceans, and more. Amazing shape analogies become visible.

All objects in the laboratory are on wheels, they have movable standpoints and are easily changeable – as we face the need to constantly adjust our view of the world nowadays. To allow a similar physical experience for the visitors, there are 40 sets of roller skates available for use.

A mobile phone is installed in the laboratory.
Through its publicly communicated number it is possible to talk at all times to people who happen to be on location at the time. Coincidental encounters with strangers.