Stop Over

Installation of 92 tents
Projection of the groundplan of Taipei International Airport
Soundinstallation of randomly disturbing noise

More and more contemporary societies return to a nomadic lifestyle.
Rarely we would stay in one place for longer periods of time, drawing our paths around the whole globe.
Vapour trail is an important icon of the present.

The tent as a temporary space for body and thoughts. Residency for a time - one of the basic conditions of being a human.

Performance Bringing the tents to movement by breathing at them and by draft air through walking.
At the end all tents were cut down.
Computer genrated soundtrack by Eduardo Campos

On ccasion of the opening visitors were invited to participate in a common action tobuilt a temporary camp in the garden of the Gallery, to stay overnight in a coincidental community for a time. Actually only one citizen of Taipei showed up with his tent.

As part of the work, an action had been planned with one of the tents built in life-size. Hanging on two long ropes it will be lifted above the groud by a helicopter, carried further for a short distance and carefully set down on the ground again. I was interested in experiencing this movement with my body, laying inside the tent.

However, at that time there was no starting permission given for private helicopters in Taiwan, due to the fragile political situation.