Installation and Action
Stadthaus Ulm, Germany, 1996

A world pushes itself into or our awareness, existing in reality yet as a phenomenon hard to comprehend.

Only in rare cases it revelas itself as a functioning system ready to affect man-created order, whether to our joy or sorrow. Damage is possible, even death - but also support for life functions and external processes.

The microscopic world in us and around us.

The room becomes the image of an organism populated by microscopic creatures. There is no definitive statement on the quality of this co-extistence. Evaluation is in the eyes of observers.

The Population behaves analoguously to bacteria or viruses which exploit their host in oder to survive but in their own interest are conceived to maintain it as a source of life energy. Its pneumatic bodies are fed by the air available in the room. By means of special microphones, the life functions of the poupulation are amplified and audible. The room temperature reaches values between 39°C and 42°C. Indicators are automatically updated.

Warnings are broadcast by local radio stations.

Over the next few days visitors can follow a process of development. An imaginary shrinking zone must be passed in which one's own body size is reduced to a microscopic range, to avoid irreparable damages. To eliminate the least remaining risk for the visitors the are adviced to wear the provided protective clothing.

On the final day, after Population reached its point of culmination, the process ends in a counter-action.

The project was proceeded by a self-test with Rickettsia Conori.

Performance: Juliane Stiegele, Yvonne Richter