Herschelbad Mannheim U3/1
Duration 50 min

In the water pool, contrary things all happen at the same time. On the one hand after a phase of gentle rowing on a smooth surface, boat after boat is let into water without the number of crews increasing. The boats are frequently changed. Collisions increase, the noise of material rubbing against material can be heard. More boats. Faster. Moving forward becomes increasingly difficult as more and more space for movements is filled up. Even more boats! A few breathless rowing strokes in any direction at shorter and shorter intervals. It all collapses into a final standstill. The stagnation is finally relived by a Mannheim taxi driver, called by cellphone from the waterside. He guides the performers out of the swimming hall and carries them into the evening life of the city.

In the other part of the pool, a person is fishing with a fishing rod without a hook. He does not seem impressed by the processes happening next to him. Only later he leaves in his own time.

28 dinghies breath out loudly.

Performance: Juliane Stiegele, Yvonne Richter, Erwin Heller, Horst Klingler