Catastrophe Institute

An interventionist group
Australia, England, Germany
2005 – 2007

The 'Catastrophe Institute' was an international organisation with Australian, English and German members. A think-tank which aimed to experiment with disaster, exploring changing perceptions of catastrophe in relation to the places we live and people we know. The institute worked mainly in the city of Kellerberrin | Australia, to expand their scientific research and public activities on the subject of catastrophe and to share their knowledge as a non-profit foundation. All projects were carried out in close collaboration with the inhabitants of Kellerberrin.

Kelli Mccluskey, AUS, Steve Bull, GB, Juliane Stiegele, D



The Catastrophe Institute

  • Be disaster ready at all time
  • Meet to debate and create the preparations for imminent apocalypse
  • Provide mass vaccinations against everything
  • Conduct experiments in which no animals are harmed
  • Look for someone or something to blame for the inevitable social, political and economic shitstorm that is brewing
  • Promote global field research
  • Make no promises
  • Recognize there is no upside
  • Do not rely on the functioning of gravity
  • Act on instinct and be driven by fear
  • Believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory
  • Sometimes dream of something better
  • Be on a constant countdown to zero hour
  • Recognize that constant crisis is good for business
  • Promote learning to deal with the catastrophe when it hits


Chaos is the mother of creativity.